What are Bobcat Bucks?

Bobcat Bucks works like a debit card. It is a unique money management system on your EGSC CatCard that is available to all students, faculty, 和 staff.

Once you have made a deposit into your personal Bobcat 美元账户, you simply present your EGSC CatCard to pay for meals at campus dining locations or to purchase books, supplies, 和 personal items at the campus Book Store.

You can also use your EGSC CatCard at copy machines, for entry at the Fitness Center, 和 access to Computer Labs.

How does it work?

Your EGSC CatCard is already encoded to provide access to campus events 和 activities. When you make a deposit to your personal Bobcat 美元账户, your EGSC CatCard becomes your Bobcat Bucks card as well.

Each time you make a purchase, your EGSC CatCard is swiped through a card reader 和 the amount of the purchase is automatically deducted from the balance in your Bobcat 美元账户. Your remaining balance is indicated on your receipt after each transaction so you will always know how much money remains in your account.

You can deposit money to your Bobcat 美元账户 in the following ways:

      • 在网上 East Georgia Bobcat Bucks (credit card - Visa, MasterCard) (NOTE: Parents can use this link to deposit funds in a student’s Bobcat 美元账户 by selecting “Make a guest deposit.” The student’s East Georgia State College student ID number, which begins with 930 和 is listed on the student’s ID card, will be needed to make a guest deposit.)
      • through the Blackboard Card Management Kiosk (cash only) located in the JAMS Center at EGSC-Swainsboro.

What if I lose my card?

If you lose or misplace your EGSC CatCard, log on to East Georgia Bobcat Bucks 和 deactivate your card to protect your account or contact the Business Office immediately.

Bobcat Bucks are maintained separately from 餐厅 Dollars, 和 meal plan accounts, which are also accessed by your EGSC CatCard. Meal plan accounts are administered by the Business Office.

What are the advantages of Bobcat Bucks?

    • It gives you ready access to all food services locations.
    • It offers you purchase privileges without cash, for the great selection of books, supplies, gifts, 和 personal items at 学院 Bookstore.
    • Use your EGSC CatCard to make copies at the 图书馆 at EGSC-Swainsboro 和 in the Student Computer lab at EGSC-Statesboro.
    • Account balances remain available as long as you have an active relationship with 学院.